Quick-thinking shop workers save customer’s life when he suffered cardiac arrest


Decisive intervention by three shop workers saved a man’s life when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Staff members Vicki Gedik, Carol Keenan and Fiona Maxwell at the Scotmid store in Pumpherston, West Lothian sprang to action as the customer collapsed at the check-out on Christmas Eve.

“The man collapsed against the glass cabinets next to the checkout, right next to the gentleman I was serving. I shouted on Carol and we went round and got him into the recovery position,” Vicki told the Daily Record.

Fiona, the supervisor on duty, called an ambulance as Vicki performed CPR on the man whilst Carol helped to support and comfort him. The ambulance attended within six minutes and took over from the ladies.

“My stomach muscles were hurting from doing the chest compressions on him but I kept going and was still doing the CPR when the ambulance staff arrived,” Vicki said.

The emergency services were in the shop for around an hour, working with the man. He was then transferred to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for further treatment.

“Through teamwork and co-operation something incredible was achieved – a HUGE well done to Vicki, Carol and Fiona,” Scotmid said in a statement.

The man later came back to the shop to thank the staff.

“The family have been very thankful and the gentleman himself has been back in the shop,” Vicki said. “He looked healthy and on the road to recovery. We were overwhelmed by the family’s response.”