Asian Trader is the leading business magazine for convenience store owners. With a circulation of over 40,000, Asian Trader is the voice of Asian business in the sector and the title has forged an enviable reputation as the authoritative magazine for the independent sector.

    Founded in 1985, the magazine was launched to not only support the burgeoning Asian retail sector but to also help manufacturers and suppliers communicate with Asian retailers who had come to dominate the sector. Today, the title retains its unique connection with the Asian community, which accounts for 75 per cent of the independent retail sector. It has a wide and loyal readership and is read widely by independent retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

    From hard-hitting industry news, new product launches to best practice features, market surveys and interviews with award-winning retailers, Asian Trader offers comprehensive coverage of the sector to help retailers better manage their business. The magazine also carries news of legislation, crime and developments in the retail industry. Uniquely among grocery B2B titles, the magazine also prints pages in Gujarati and Urdu.

    Many of the UK’s leading grocery suppliers such as Mondelez, Nestle, Mars, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo not only advertise in the magazine but consider Asian Trader a source of the latest information about the industry.

    Asian Trader also hosts the annual Asian Trader Awards which recognises and celebrates the best and most innovative independent retailers in the country.

    Production Requirements


    Classified advertisements available in 1cm depths andcolumn widths of:
    1 column – 42mm wide
    2 columns – 90mm wide
    4 columns – 185mm wide

    Printing Method

    Web Offset

    Binding Method

    Saddled Stitched
    (knocks to head)

    Material Accepted:

    PDF (preferred format) High-resolution Acrobat PDFs. Resolution: 300 dpi. All colours CMYK. All fonts MUST BE embedded.

    Photoshop (etc) files as eps, jpeg or tiff. Resolution: 300 dpi. All colours CMYK.
    • Illustrator EPS files
    Preferably to version CC, Fonts embedded or converted to outlines. Resolution: 300 dpi. All colours CMYK.

    Adv name Bleed size Trimmed size
    (width x height)
    Type area
    (width x height)
    Front Cover (trimmed to left of page) 163×233 mm 157×227 mm 147×217 mm
    Half Page Spread 426×150 mm 420×147 mm 417×144 mm
    Strip Upright 57×303 mm 54×297 mm 51×294 mm
    Full Page 216×303 mm 210×297 mm 207×294 mm
    Half Page Vertical 106×303 mm 103×297 mm 100×294 mm
    Third Page Vertical 73×303 mm 70×297 mm 64×294 mm
    Double Page Spread 426×303 mm 420×297 mm 417×294 mm
    Quarter Page Standard 106×149 mm 103×146 mm 100×143 mm
    Third Page Strip 216×102 mm 210×99 mm 204×93 mm
    Half Page Horizontal 216×150 mm 210×147 mm 207×144 mm
    Quarter Page Strip 216×78 mm 210×75 mm 207×72 mm
    Sixth Page Strip 216×52 mm 210×49 mm 204×43.5 mm

    Contact Information

    Shefali Solanki
    Brand Champion
    [email protected]