Peperami packs get meaty makeover to appeal to younger gen


Peperami has unveiled a new package design and logo spanning its core range of products as it looks to target a wider and younger demographic.

The brand, with a 40-year-old heritage, has designed a completely new look which is sleeker, uses fresh photography, introduces a matt finish and achieves a more contemporary style to demonstrate that the brand is evolving with the times. The new look will begin rollout in May 2021.

The bold design continues the use of Peperami’s iconic green colour, whilst highlighting the key nutritionals of each product on front of pack. The redesign has been designed to bring much needed excitement to the snacking aisle, whilst emphasising its popular protein-packed products.

The new packs will stand out on shelf and make it far easier for shoppers to locate the packs in stores, all while maintaining brand familiarity. The brand will continue to launch new innovations later this year and, along with this more modern look, aims to appeal to the needs of both the mainstream and younger consumer.

The full range, including Peperami’s sticks, Snack Boxes and the brand’s latest Chicken Bites editions, will feature the new packaging and updated brand logo.

“We believe this new packaging and redesign is a vital step in bringing Peperami’s family favourites to many more consumers,” said Pavan Chandra, Head of Marketing. “The new look rings true to the brand’s ethos and will continue to resonate well with our consumers. We are adapting to shoppers needs by creating a modern and sleek packaging design, allowing Peperami to stand out in the crowded snacking market.”

Peperami remains the number-one meat-snacking brand with 53% market share. In fact, the brand has grown by 18% and gained share at +1%.