Over 1000 retailers sign up for new trading app from Nisa


Nisa said over 1,000 retailers have signed up for its new mobile app since the launch two weeks ago.

The free trading app has also got enthusiastic reception, with retailers placing around 2,200 standard orders directly via the app accounting for 146,000 cases of products. An additional £62,000 in orders have been placed on special “app only” deals.

“I’ve just used the app for my ambient order. It was very easy with a good scanner that gives you options for products and tells you at the end if anything has been rejected. It’s very, very good,” commented Sunderland retailer Manny Dhindsa.

Available in both iOS and android versions, the app has been downloaded and registered on almost 2,000 devices as retailers make use of both mobile phones and tablets, the symbol group added.

Peter Walker, head of IT at Nisa, said: “The partners who trialled the app were very complimentary about it and found it a very simple tool to use and so we were hopeful we would receive a similar response from the rest of our partners once it was rolled out.

“We are absolutely delighted to be getting such positive feedback from partners. The number of orders being placed directly by the app is a very good indicator that those who have downloaded it are finding it easy to use and are seeing the immediate benefits it offers.”

The app uses the built-in camera on a mobile device to create orders and search products, avoiding the need for retailers to purchase additional dedicated hand-held scanning equipment.

In addition, several search tools have been added to the new app which allow filtering based on commodities, price and desired margins.

The tool also has intelligent push notifications that direct retailers to specific products, web deals and news updates relevant to their business.