News UK maintains retail margins with the Times price rise

Photo: iStock

News UK said it will maintain retail margins as it has announced an increase in the cover price of the Times Monday to Friday and Saturday editions.

From December 28, weekday copies of the Times will increase by 20p to £2.20 and the Saturday edition will see a rise of 30p to £2.50.

With retail margin remaining unchanged at 21 per cent, retailers will receive 46.2p for weekday editions and 52.5p for the Times Saturday, an increase of 4.2p and 6.3p per copy respectively.

“The combined price changes will result in an extra £19.6 million through retailers’ tills over the next 12 months, and an additional £4.1m in retail margin,” noted Neil Spencer, retail director at News UK.

The publisher urged retailers to ensure till systems are updated to reflect the new cover prices and barcodes for the Times.