New Manchester-based drinks firm unveils first portfolio brands


Ten Locks, a newly-launched premium drinks company, has unveiled first brands in its portfolio: Nusa Cana Rum, West Cork Irish Whiskey and applewood Gin.

Announced last month, the Manchester-based company said it aims to curate, create and craft a portfolio of around 20 premium drink brands for the on and off trade.

A unique tropical island rum, Nusa Cana (40% abv) draws on flavour profiles from the Spice Islands of Indonesia and uses nutmeg and clove combined with ginger, coffee, cacao and pineapple to create a delicate, warm rum with a brilliantly balanced finish.

All Nusa Cana labels are made from recycled sugar cane pulp, a bi product from the production process.

Produced by West Cork Distillers, an independently-owned distillery, West Cork Irish Whiskey is distilled, matured and bottled on-site and sells in over 70 countries worldwide. Each bottle is triple distilled, non-filtered and carefully crafted using the finest local ingredients.

Ten Locks will import three of its whiskies to begin with, including the original Bourbon Cask (40% abv), the Black Cask (40% abv) and the patented Bog Oak Charred Cask (43% abv).

The Australian gin brand, applewood (43% abv), boasts a botanical-rich flavour profile of rare desert limes, native wattle seed and aromatic peppermint gum, nestled amongst 20 fresh and sustainably farmed ingredients.

A certified B Corporation, the liquid is created in the most sustainable and non-impactful way possible.

“Through these first spirits, the portfolio is starting to speak for itself; brands of quality, distinction and purpose. They bring new tastes, fresh perspectives and true sense of excitement to the on trade and off trade,” commented Becky Davies, chief lock keeper at Ten Locks.

“With their defined and clear proposition we know each brand has a commercially relevant place in the market, and will quench the thirst of consumers seeking brands that demonstrate authenticity, credibility and quality, whilst taking measures to ensure and improve elements of sustainability and ethical practices.

“We are hugely excited to welcome these brands to the UK drinks trade, and we can’t wait to unveil the rest of the portfolio, which is shaping up to be something very special.”

Ten Locks is a sister company to independent spirits business Kingsland Drinks, and the name is a homage to the location of Kingsland, which is based on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, next to the lock at Irlam.

The portfolio will be available to the on trade and off trade from October. Ten Locks said it will continue to develop its portfolio of premium branded drinks in the coming months.