New listings help Coldpress Smoothies perform strongly in independent sector


Coldpress said it has been enjoying “staggering uplift” in their smoothie sales following new listings in 2020 with NISA, foodservice specialist Freshfayre and health and wellness wholesaler CLF.

The brand undertook an extensive makeover at the end of the last year, enhancing  everything from the clarity of its brand messaging and packaging to its recipes and website.

In addition, Coldpress has also become the country’s first HPP juice & smoothie portfolio with added vitamins, following consumer feedback.

“Today’s consumers have a much better understanding of acceptable daily intakes (of sugar) and by providing smoothies with a wealth of beneficial extras – the first traditional smoothies with added vitamins, the first of any to include vitamin D, flavour marriages that win blind taste tests of account of being HPP produced – Coldpress smoothies are now at the forefront of the premium smoothies revival,” commented Andrew Gibb, Coldpress founder.

Coldpress smoothies also provide superior shelf lives (up to x 3 those offered by traditional pasteurised smoothies)  courtesy of HPP and upgraded flavour formats.

Coldpress’s traditional smoothie portfolio (250ml) includes: Mango Passion Fruit, Strawberry Banana and Pineapple, Banana Coconut.