Nestlé launches new Munchies sharing bar


Nestlé has launched the very first sharing bar from Munchies.

A combination of gooey caramel and crispy biscuit encased in a milk chocolate shell, Munchies Caramel and Biscuit Sharing Bar makes a great treat to break apart and savour with family and friends.

“We know that Munchies fans are a passionate bunch – we always receive a tremendous reaction whenever we launch new flavours and formats from the brand. And because they taste so good, it’s not surprising that fans love to munch with their favourite people – in fact, Munchies is one of the most popular sharing bags we sell here at Nestlé Confectionery,” Amy Kendall, Munchies Brand Manager, said.

“That’s why we are especially excited to introduce our latest innovation – a brand new sharing bar. We’ve set the bar high on this one – it’s got soft, gooey caramel, it’s got crunchy biscuit pieces and the whole lot is encased in a smooth milk chocolate shell. In other words, our new Munchies bar is a bit of a taste sensation!”

The 87g bar (RRP £1) is available now from a variety of supermarkets, convenience, and value stores including Iceland, B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland and Spar.