‘Consumers less likely to order after negative delivery experiences’

Photo: iStock

Most customers are less  likely to shop from retailers about whom they got negative delivery experience feedback, claims a new survey, stating that delivery experience can be a differentiator and retailers must invest in their delivery ecosystem.

According to Post Purchase Report 2022 from ecommerce delivery technology leader Metapack, over two-thirds of consumers are less inclined to shop with a retailer after hearing of a negative delivery experience. 

Over 60 percent of UK consumers have shared negative delivery experiences with friends and family, says the report, underlining how  bad delivery experiences feedback can spread exponentially.

Following one negative experience, almost 15 percent of UK consumers declare they have posted on social media and 22 percent of UK consumers stating they have posted an online review, following one negative delivery experience, says the report.

Over 35 percent of consumers in the UK stated that they have stopped shopping with a retailer completely following one negative delivery experience, says the report, also highlighting why it is important for retailers to invest in their delivery ecosystem.

Alongside this, 40.6 percent of shoppers state to have bad-post purchases experiences with some degree of regularity. Across the different geographical markets surveyed, the frequency of bad experiences is consistent. However, when examining shoppers’ age, it’s clear that younger shoppers are reporting more frequent bad experiences. 

Metapack’s new research also mentions that 87 percent of UK shoppers state that the range of delivery options presented to them is an important factor. Alongside this, almost 70 percent of UK consumers state that the carrier assigned to deliver their order also impacts on their overall delivery experience.