Mondelēz implements calorie cap on key brands


Mondelēz International said it will bring major brands under 100 calories in the coming months as part of its efforts to promote portion control.

The confectionery major has pledged to bring all its Cadbury chocolate and wider biscuit products typically bought by parents for children to under 100 calories by the end of this year.

Cadbury bars Fudge, Curly Wurly and Chomp as well as Barny sponge bears, chocolate and strawberry, will be brought under 100 calories over the next few months followed by the Barny Milk variant in October.

Last year, the firm has brought brands including Cadbury Mini Fingers and Cadbury Animals under 100 calories.

The recently launched Space series of Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Treasures has only 76 calories per pack.

“We believe this is the right approach in terms of helping parents control the calories, when wanting to treat their children,” said Louise Stigant, UK managing director at Mondelēz International.

“Our brands have been around for hundreds of years and play a special role in people’s lives as treats to be enjoyed in moderation. We feel we have a responsibility to support parents when they choose to give their children a treat and introducing this calorie cap will make it simpler for them to find one under 100 calories that children will enjoy.”

Mondelēz will also roll out new pack designs across the portfolio, including singles and multipacks, to include a striking flash highlighting the under 100 calories messaging.