Me and My Brand: Terri Cooper on Refresco’s Mr Freeze

Terri Cooper, Senior Commercial Manager at Refresco, tells us about the company’s long-lived and eternally popular Mr Freeze brand – which has stayed ice cool for over half a century

Terri Cooper

How would you sum up Mr Freeze’s history?

Owned by global beverage company Refresco, Mr Freeze is seen as one of the company’s star brands, which is impressive given their portfolio of household-name brands. The company’s brand portfolio covers all drink sectors from mixers and functional energy drinks to juices, CSDs and waters, with brands like Mr Freeze dominating its category.

Known and loved by all generations, Mr Freeze has been around since 1966 – many parents and grandparents have nostalgic memories of the brand. To this day, Mr Freeze can be seen as a great multigenerational snack to be enjoyed by the whole family. There has been a multi-million-pound investment into new machinery on Mr Freeze in order to meet the growing demand of the brand and to help maximise line efficiencies.

Can you talk us through your brand portfolio?

Mr Freeze is the UK’s favourite freezepop, sold in all major retailers and Wholesalers over the summer months. Mr Freeze and Jubbly are a range of treats that are low calorie and affordable.

Mr Freeze has a variety of formats and flavours including an exclusive bulk pack for Wholesale which is 140 x 45ml and includes all of Mr Freeze’s leading flavours: Orange, Lemonade, Strawberry, Cola and Raspberry. Refresco is launching Mr Freeze take-home formats in convenience stores with three new flavours in 45ml.

What trends are driving the market?

Mr Freeze is driving innovation in the category as consumers becomemore health conscious. Mr Freeze is a healthier alternative to other Children’s snacks in the market – a guilt-free snack for parents to give to their children, which is also hydrating and doesn’t spoil the appetite. All Mr Freeze products are made with natural flavours and Jubbly is made using real fruit juice.

Mr Freeze is also great value. A standard retail box of Mr Freeze Freezepops contains 20 products, meaning the average cost per Freezepop is less than 10p – great value for families!

How do you work with retailers and wholesalers to improve sales?

Summer continues to be a particularly strong period for the brand, with trade stores noting record sales during that time. However, we want to educate Mr Freeze consumers that the product is not just seasonal but a year-round product, largely because it is a lower calorie, guilt-free and affordable alternative to other snacks or desserts. The Mr Freeze multipack meets the needs of parents and can be enjoyed all year round.

How can wholesalers maximise sales of your products?

Mr Freeze is the UK’s No.1 freezepop brand with a 77 per cent majority share of the market, and wholesalers should ensure they stock up early in order to capitalise on peak Summer sales. As consumers are increasingly focussed on health, Mr Freeze is a perfect alternative to other snacking options which are high in sugar and calories. Mr Freeze is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, making it an all-inclusive treat enjoyed by all.

Mr Freeze has the flexibility to be stored as ambient or frozen, which is perfect for independent retailers who may be restricted on space. Where possible, retailers should aim to dual site Mr Freeze in store to increase visibility and capitalise on impulse sales.

Multipacks should be merchandised with ambient icecream products, while single formats should be in the freezer. We also recommend retailers stock at least one different variety to help maximise the increasing demand for different flavours. This will help boost spend throughout summer – the ultimate season for frozen products – but having an ambient option means families and other customers can also stock up at home.

What marketing support do you have for your range this year?

2022 is set to be an exciting year for Mr Freeze. In the coming year the brand has allocated its largest ever budget from both a marketing and promotional perspective, which it hopes will help achieve the ambitious objectives.

With its heavy investment in marketing, Mr Freeze plans to build on its already strong social presence, launching initiatives such as new customer-led brand campaigns as well as creating and developing the brand on platforms such as TikTok, where it hopes to target and educate younger consumers to the brand and category.

New photography is planned for the whole range for use across all marketing communications. The brand even plans for a host of celebrity and influencer collaborations in 2022.

Mr Freeze will be activated via a keen promotional plan and disruptive trade media presence across a breadth of channels to achieve maximum impact. All activity will be paired with a brand-new consumer campaign which has launched this year.

Do you have any NPD planned?

Mr Freeze has launched three new exciting multi pack products in 2022 including Mr Freeze Sours, Sugar Free and Blue Raspberry. Retailers should ensure they stock a variation of Mr Freeze products to meet a variety of consumption occasions. Mr Freeze is suitable for the whole family and offers great value all year round.

Three top tips

  • Prepare now – be prepared for the rise in demand for ice cream products by stocking up on Mr Freeze now to capitalise on peak summer sales
  • Stock a variety – list a range of Mr Freeze products in store to meet a variety of consumption occasions
  • Dual site – stock the Mr Freeze multipack and store in any ambient take-home areas, and stock the 45ml format in the freezer to increase visibility