Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has announced three new additions to its impulse ice cream range.

The three new skus feature some of the nation’s favourite confectionery brands.

Maltesers Mint Ice Cream, Skittles Cooler Crazy Sours Ice Cream and Twix Ice Cream are available from March 2020 as wrapped handheld singles.

“We are confident that by bringing even more confectionery favourites to the freezer we will continue to drive consumer interest and sales – and repeat purchase once everyone tastes these new ice creams,” said Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats.

  • Maltesers Mint (case size:20). RRP £1.79.
  • Skittles Cooler Crazy Sours (case size: 30). RRP £1.79.
  • Twix (case size:28). RRP £1.79.