Mail retains margin on Saturday price rise; £8.5m boost for retailers

Photo: iStock

Daily Mail has maintained the pro rata margins for retailers when announcing the price increase on its Saturday edition.

The cover price of the Saturday newspaper will increase by 10p to £1.10, and the margin retailers receive will continue to be 21 percent.

The Mail said this would give retailers an £8.5 million annual revenue boost.

NFRN has welcomed the announcement, saying that periodic pay rises through pro rata terms is essential to offset the increasing overheads in running the shops.

“This move by the Mail shows that it appreciates the difficult trading conditions that newspaper retailers are operating in and the higher costs that they are experiencing and that it understand that with a fixed price product, the only way of maintaining retailers’ incomes is through pro rata terms,” said Stuart Reddish, national president of NFRN.

Earlier this month, news publisher Reach has made a cut in the percentage margin for retailers with the increase in cover prices of the Daily Express, Daily Star and the Saturday edition of the Daily Mirror, continuing with the approach it has taken last year.