Peruvian distillery London to Lima has announced the launch of its Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur in the UK.

This is the second expression to come from London to Lima Gin.

The distilled spirit is macerated with mulberries which are hand-picked in Peru close to the distillery. Amazonian Coca leaves, from the same supplier as the world’s largest cola brand, are also added, along with wild honey to make a rich and delicious gin liqueur.

The two expressions have a different Peruvian animal on the label. The Mulberry & Coca bottle features a Spectacled Caiman, whilst the original gin features the Spectacled Bear.

The London to Lima Gin bottle is hand crafted from recycled glass and is based on the design of a hip flask.

The London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur has an ABV of 36.8%. RRP: £39 for 50cl, £18 for 20cl, £7 for 5cl.

The London to Lima Flagship Gin (ABV: 42.8%) is now also available in different sizes. RRP: £48 for 70cl, £38 for 50cl, £17 for 20cl, £6 for 5cl.