Lidl to launch DRS in England stores

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Discount retailer Lidl is set to launch deposit return scheme (DRS) across stores in England after introducing the same in Scotland and Ireland. 

According to recent reports, Lidl is planning to add DRA machines to its West Town Lane, Brislington and Southmead Road stores in Bristol. The report quoted a spokesperson confirming the report though it was mentioned that the discounter still awaiting further clarity and guidance from government. 

Lidl launched DRS machines, also known as reverse vending machines, in its stores in Scotland in March 2021. The machines have been installed in stores in Hamilton, Edinburgh Granton, Glasgow Yoker and Dundee’s city centre. At the time of the launch, it was aimed that all Lidl’s 105 stores across Scotland will have the machine in time for the Scottish government’s earlier-planned national DRS rollout in July 2022. 

Under the programe in Scotland, users are rewarded with shopping vouchers worth 10p for each undamaged empty plastic or glass bottle or aluminum can originally be bought in Lidl. The maximum value of a voucher is £2.50. The returns would be recycled into new drinks containers, Lidl said at the time of the launch. 

Scotland’s DRS scheme has been delayed since then. However, it is set to go live August 16 2023, a year after its initial implementation date which was postponed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.