A store refresh has seen a Leeds retailer taking the unusual step of downsizing the store.

Tony Rhoda, who runs the Hall Lane store with brother Simon, said there was a lot of wasted space in the shop and too many slow selling lines.

“We have done a full range review and removed 200 plus lines, all of which were very slow selling. We’ve also reduced some categories and moved others round to make better use of our space,” he said.

The store has been reduced in size by around 500 sq. ft. Six chest freezers which were taking up a lot of space have been replaced with three upright ones and a new chiller has replaced an aging one.

The full range review was the first such exercise for the brothers, who have run the store situated in a largely residential area on the edge of the city centre for almost 20 years.

Previously, all 2l bottles of carbonated drinks were kept in chillers but the review has seen these moved to shelving and only small, single serve drinks can now be found refrigerated.

“It all makes sense and just by moving the large bottles of soft drinks we’ve created much more room for sandwiches which is an area that is expanding,” said Tony.

He said the smaller range and reduced selling space haven’t had an adverse effect on sales with an average £31,000 to £33,000 being hit on a weekly basis before, during and after the work.

The refurb also included the latest Nisa Evolution fascia on the exterior of the store and new panelling, vinyl signage and LED lighting inside.

“The regulars have all spotted the new signage and the freezers and commented on how smart it looks, but most haven’t realised the store has shrunk and two months on, nobody has asked for any of the products that we have taken out of the shop,” Tony commented.