Kestrel Premium lager repositioned as ‘The Vegan Lager’


Award-winning Kestrel Premium lager is supporting independent retailers by bringing a mainstream vegan offering to the market. Veganism is the fastest-growing UK consumer lifestyle choice band independents should cash in on the opportunity.

Whilst there are some vegan beer products available, the consumer benefit is not readily communicated. Also, they are often in small craft cans at a higher price point, which can detract from the appeal, says Nigel McNally, Managing Director at Brookfield Drinks – Kestrel’s UK Distributor.

Kestrel Lagers have all recently been certified as vegan by The Vegetarian Society – the UK’s foremost recognised charitable organisation. Kestrel Premium Lager is available in a 4x500ml pack format and a promotional campaign will begin in the new year to coincide with Veganuary, which saw 400,000 consumers sign up in 2020.

“We are seeing unprecedented growth for vegan products as more consumers, millennials and GEN-Zs in particular are continually looking for sustainable products and products that fulfil ethical and moral requirements,” commented McNally.

“The market has seen exponential growth which is forecast to remain for the next five years, so we have some real longevity here. Some craft beers mention being vegan, but no one really shouts about it and here at Kestrel we are looking to change that. We want to really communicate that not only are we an award-winning, great tasting beer born in Scotland and crafted using the fascinating Holy Brewing Method, but that we are vegan and are actively pursuing sustainability and ways we can reduce our impact on the environment.” Appropriately for a beer called Kestrel, Brookfield Drinks proudly supports the RSPB.

“Vegan and alternative products are often sold at higher price points but Kestrel Premium lager will remain as a premium value line, offering great margin opportunities to retailers and wholesalers, whilst still being sold at an attractive price to shoppers,” added McNally.

The 2021 campaign will span consumer and trade media, social media, and digital platforms, and wholesale and trade can benefit from price promotions throughout.

Kestrel is also committed to actively increasing its sustainability with new packaging being introduced in 2021, aimed at reducing plastic waste. The brewery also ensures all brewing byproducts are recycled as animal feed or organic compost.