Kellogg’s reduces salt level in Special K range

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Kellogg’s has revealed that salt levels in one of its biggest cereal brands – Special K – have been reduced by 20 percent, stated recent reports.

Kellogg’s said it used techniques that take into consideration how people’s taste buds react to flavours to change the recipe, reducing the amount of salt but managing to keep the flavour the same.

The brand reportedly noted that salt is used in cereal not only to add flavour, but also to enhance other ingredients so even the slightest recipe change can make a difference to taste. Kellogg’s pointed to test tastes that found 59 percent of Special K fans preferred the new recipe.

The recipe change makes 70 percent of the Special K cereal range non-HFSS (high in fat, salt or sugar) ahead of the new placement and promotion restrictions that are due to come into force this October.

Catherine Logan, Kellogg UKI Wellbeing Lead said: “We are committed to making the best quality food and helping people to make better choices in the morning. It’s taken Kellogg’s food developers 12 months to reformulate the well-loved Special K cereal to include less salt but keeping the same iconic taste.”

The news follows the launch of its decade long Wellbeing Plan, announced in 2021, that pledged to improve its food and invest in “helping people make better choices”.