KEEPR’s artisan spirits rebrands with new bee-themed bottle design  

KEEPR’s honey-infused artisan spirits

KEEPR’s honey-infused artisan spirits has unveiled a striking new bottle design and branding, encapsulating the brand’s natural connection to British bee conservation, beekeeping, and provenance, while asserting its premium production credentials and positioning.

Launching officially and available to the independent retail sector from today (3 March), the new brand identity and contemporary bee-themed bottle design appeal to environmentally aware, on-trend consumers with an eye on sustainability, keen to support local businesses and British brands.

Made from 50 per cent recycled glass, the new lighter weight bottle celebrates honeybees, British beekeeping and the brand’s infusion of 100 per cent pure British honey in its spirits. The bottle incorporates elements of the hexagonal honeycomb pattern, a unique bee-themed tapered shape reflecting the tail of a honeybee, and intricate bee imagery on the bottle stopper and label.

“Our new bottle is a visual celebration of our natural heartland; KEEPR’s’ connection to nature and the passion we have for our craft go hand in hand. The result is a premium, beautifully executed range of premium spirits that will appeal to retailers, buyers, and consumers,” Stuart Fritz, commercial director at KEEPR’s, commented.

“We have worked hard to ensure the new KEEPR’s branding, bottle design and product positioning reflect our core values and its premium place in the category. The shape, look and feel, and colours have been carefully selected to represent the natural ingredients. Furthermore, the eco-friendly elements in the new labelling and packaging include sustainable materials such as recycled paper stock for the label and 50 per cent recycled glass in a lightened bottle.”

Distilled, produced, and distributed by The British Honey Company, the KEEPR’s range features five premium, honey-infused craft spirits, including Classic, using a London Dry base, Raspberry and Honey Gin, Elderberry & Mulberry and Honey Gin, Smoked Honey infused Bourbon, and Honey infused Spiced Rum. The range will also benefit from a new price point to reflect the premium, yet accessible positioning.

“We’re confident the new bottle and branding will be well received, will stand out on shelf and help generate appeal among younger, environmentally aware shoppers with a ‘think before you buy’ mentality,” Fritz added.

“KEEPR’s products are perfect for gifting, and for enjoying premium drinks and cocktails at home. We know consumers are prepared to pay more for quality and are seeking out products with clear provenance and purpose to elevate their drinking experience.”

The rebrand is supported by wider marketing activity, collaborations and a social media campaign. KEEPR’s spirits 70cl bottles retail at the new RRP of £34. Previous RRP for 70cl bottles was £37.50, with Smoked Honey Infused Bourbon retailing at £42.