JJ promotes online ordering and payments during COVID-19 outbreak


JJ Foodservice said it is encouraging its customers to order and pay online to minimise social interaction and reduce cash handling during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The wholesaler added that record numbers of shoppers are visiting branches to buy household essentials in bulk, with some products seeing a five-fold increase in demand.

“Customer numbers more than doubled over the weekend as supermarket supplies ran dry sending many shoppers our way”, said Sedat Kaan Hendekli, head of operations at JJ. “We are doing everything we can to fulfil orders while promoting the safety of our teams.”

Kaan urged retail customers to use online option for faster checkout.

“Ordering and paying online reduces the need to wait around – you can be in and out of a branch much faster, helping to minimise risk,” he said.

JJ is extending its Pay Online by Card promotion, which led to 40 percent drop in cash payments since launch last year, to the end 2020 to help reduce the use of cash.