Iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk range launches redesign


Cadbury Dairy Milk has unveiled a new visual identity which will see it given a fresh, more modern look that reflects the vision of the brand’s founder, John Cadbury.

The pack’s new look and feel includes a redrawn Cadbury wordmark, a new look for the Dairy Milk logo and a new pack design based on the original Dairy Milk packaging, helping to drive further standout on shelf.

The new visual identity, which will start appearing on single blocks from January before being rolled out across the range during 2021, reinforces the distinctive Cadbury Dairy Milk assets and product story at a time when consumers are looking for more authentic and higher quality offerings.

The new Cadbury wordmark takes inspiration from the hand of the founder of Cadbury, John Cadbury, by creating a beautifully crafted signature with a more contemporary feel. Elsewhere on pack, the Dairy Milk logo has been recrafted while a distinctive pattern, based on the original 1905 Dairy Milk packaging, has been created to give greater depth to the iconic Cadbury purple colouring.

The Glass and a Half icon has also been redesigned so that it links directly with the chocolate chunk shape.

“Cadbury wanted to celebrate to the brand’s roots by honouring the philanthropic spirit of its founder, John Cadbury,” said Pippa Rodgers, Brand Manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk, of the new visual identity.

The new packs will also give greater emphasis to Cadbury’s Cocoa Life commitment, by including a more prominent Cocoa Life logo on both sides of the bars packaging.

“Although the Cocoa Life programme has been integral to the brand for the past eight years, Cadbury believes the new visual identity emphasises its Cocoa Life commitment, as consumers increasingly scrutinise the sourcing behaviours of the brands they engage with,” added Rodgers.