How to Play Solitaire Like a Pro – Main Rules, Quick Tips, and More!


Solitaire is one of the most played mobile and computer games, enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Today, there are many variants of it, and still, lots of players prefer classic Solitaire types such as Klondike. Below, let’s see how to play it and which tricks will boost your odds to win.

Basic Features of the Klondike Solitaire Game

The goal of the Klondike game is to clear the layout as well as stock and place all the 52 cards to the foundation area in ascending order and according to suits. In fact, this objective is common to most Solitaire card Games . And these are the other rules that are supposed to be basic and relate to Klondike as well. So, follow these ones when you play Solitaire:

  • Each foundation pile must start with the Ace only.
  • The open cards of the tableau can be moved to other columns and make sequences to reveal the cards placed below.
  • The descending sequence of cards must be formed using cards of alternate colors only. For example, only a red 9 card can be placed below a black 10 card.
  • Only a sequence of the cards starting with a King or the King itself can be placed in the empty spot created after clearing the column.

Helpful Tips That Lead to Winning

Now that we have gone through the technical aspects, it’s time to discuss the secret tips and tricks. When you spend time with Solitaire online, follow these to complete your game with higher points.

  1. Before you start arranging the cards in the piles, open the first card in the deck. This will give you an extra option, will help you create a better strategy, and can increase the chances of winning faster.
  2. Along with Aces move the 2’s and 3’s to the foundations immediately upon opening them. This will not only save you from moving the cards twice but also increase your score as you play quicker.
  3. Remember that the final goal is to build foundations but not to create the longest sequence of cards in the layout. So, if you have a chance of directly moving a card from the deck to the foundation don’t hesitate to do so.
  4. Don’t move cards for the sake of Play Free Spider Solitaire Masters, but only to clear the hidden cards beneath. Only move those ones that have unopened cards underneath them and leave the last open cards of a stack as it is if they can’t be transferred to the foundation piles unless necessary.
  5. Even though only a King can be placed in an empty spot, be very careful about these cards and the opportunities such a move can bring you. Place only that King (Black or Red) who has the greatest number of cards for its following sequence.

Some Solitaire card games even have the option of moving the cards back from the foundation pile to the tableau’s stacks. Make use of this feature to have more chances to succeed!

The Crux

Anyone with a mobile or computer device can play free Solitaire either online or offline. Mobile games such as Solitaire Masters are amazing for this purpose. There are several variations of this interesting game but one of the most played ones is the classic version, also known as Klondike. Now, you know the rules and clues, so why not try your hand in it?