Healthy snack brand Fulfil doubles in size since launch last year


Independent healthy snack brand Fulfil, launched in the UK last year, said the business has already become the number two healthier bar brand, with sales doubling in size.

Steve Rich, UK managing director of the vitamin and protein snack brand, says they have a clear ambition to be the leading healthier snacking brand in the UK.

“The Fulfil brand has enjoyed dramatic growth since we launched into the UK market in 2020,” he commented.

“Despite the challenges of the pandemic, consumers are attracted to a snack bar that provides the health benefits they are seeking, but with zero compromise on taste. Delivering the best of both is at the heart of the Fulfil proposition and is proving extremely popular with consumers who want a snacking product that align with their health and wellbeing outlook.”

Latest industry figures for April show that the healthier and protein bar segment is outperforming the market overall and growing by 87 per cent. Fulfil is the fastest growing of all healthier bar brands growing by 146 per cent.

Rich attributed the sales success of the brand in the past 12 months to meeting the customer demand for healthy snack bars through a unique combination of great taste and health benefits, added vitamins and protein.

“Snacking hasn’t changed, but what consumers snack on has. People are more demanding of their snacks with 80 per cent of consumers now snacking with purpose. We are increasingly seeing ‘mindless munching’ being replaced with snacks that deliver a beneficial purpose as people make more informed snacking choices,” he added.

Identifying a gap in the market and creating a snacking range that delivers on health and taste in equal measure has been the foundation of the Fulfil brand since its launch in Ireland in 2016, hitting the ‘sweet spot’ in the market, according to Steve Rich.

Founded by Barry Connolly, owner of the Richmond Marketing, the brand has firmly established a 70 per cent market share of Ireland’s healthy bar category and the number two snacking brand only to Cadbury.

Rich, a former Mondelez senior executive with over 18 years category experience, continued: “Though the Fulfil brand is grounded in Ireland, we have a strategic growth focus in the UK with outstanding early success. The brand continues to expand, developing a global footprint having recently launched across the USA, partnering with Hershey.”

“We are a proudly independent brand that is making the health-oriented snacking marketplace take notice. We are excited about the commercial prospects for Fulfil in the UK and will build upon the fantastic growth success we have enjoyed to date. At the core of our brand and ethics is keeping things simple in a very complex world. Less is more as we work with retail partners to further unlock the undoubted consumer demand for healthy snacking that also tastes great.”