Haribo unveils new fruitier mix for Starmix


Haribo has given a new fruitier and tastier mix to Starmix with the addition of fruit juice.

The brand said the updated mix, which retains the five iconic pieces: the egg, heart, cola bottle, bear and ring, was developed to meet with the expectations of consumers who love fruity and juicy confectionery.

“Starmix has a huge following and there is a real love for the iconic shapes found in each bag. We’ve had the original recipe in place for some time, and as tastes evolve we know that it is our responsibility to ensure that we continue to deliver the best tasting, quality sweet confectionery to the category,” commented Claire James, trade marketing manager at Haribo UK.

Consumer testing has shown considerable increase in shoppers’ intent to purchase Haribo Starmix, which is the category’s top-seller, the brand added.

The new fruitier Starmix enhances the overall taste of the product and now includes an apple flavoured green bear, a blackcurrant flavoured purple bear, and an apple and lemon flavoured ring.

Available in a variety of formats, Haribo Starmix, with its fruitier mix, will be rolling into wholesalers from February.