Ginsters launches luxury lunchtime pork pair


Ginsters has added a duo of posh deep-filled pork rolls.

The new Ginsters Premium Rolls a are luxury and deep-filled, and described as “a deli-style twist on a British classic.”.

Available in Triple Pork Roll and Pork, Bacon & Cheddar Roll , they each contain only 100% British pork with “exquisite” seasonings and craft toppings.

The Triple Pork Roll is made out of pork shoulder, belly pork and pulled pork wrapped in butter-enriched puff pastry and topped with nigella (black onion) seeds.

The Pork, Bacon & Cheddar Roll matches seasoned pork with smoked bacon and West Country cheddar, with the signature butter-enriched puff pastry and this time sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Ginsters described the range as being developed to fulfil demand from post-family shoppers looking to “trade up” from the traditional sausage roll, and MD Kieran Hemsworth said they were “inspired by artisan savoury pastry” and “evelvated the humble sausage roll from being a grab-and-go snack to a lunchtime main event”.

“This is high street deli meets food on the move,” he added.

The new rolls will be available from 22 June at an RSP of £1.75 (120g).