Geeta’s notches up record growth on back of interest in Indian flavours


Premium Indian food brand Geeta’s has reported a record annual growth of 36 percent, adding 183,000 new households to its customer base in the last 12 months.

The brand said wider general trend in Indian flavours has enabled it to gain further momentum. The UK Indian chutney sector is growing at 7 percent year on year.

In addition, the brand has taken up several initiatives in 2019 to bolster growth, such as the increased distribution, a packaging refresh featuring a new, more contemporary design and smaller jar sizes across all its chutneys, and a new range of Indian sauces.

“We have become the premium chutney brand of choice for consumers and continue to add value to the category by driving frequency of consumption through consumers exploring wider usage occasions. We will further extend these with our latest Indian sauces range,” commented Nitesh Shah, director of business development at Geeta’s.

Their latest Indian Sauces range, launched in 2019, appeals to more usage occasions by allowing consumers to add Indian flavours to all meals and snacks, not just Indian.

The brand’s flagship product, Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney continues to lead the way for the brand, with 42 percent growth in the last year, partly driven by the marketing campaign ‘Made in India – Loved in Britain’ which encouraged trial and promoted wider usage of the product.

The revamped pack design now incorporates a design inspired by traditional Rajasthani block printing, using vivid accentuated colours to give a contemporary look and feel that further makes the products stand out on shelf.

The company has also successfully launched several new chutney and pickle varieties, including its new Premium Lime Pickle.

Geeta’s products are exclusively distributed by Petty Wood & Company Limited. For further information please contact Customer Services on 01264 345500.