Fruittella unveils new look and reduces plastic across portfolio


Fruittella, from Perfetti Van Melle, has undergone a modern makeover that highlights the real fruit that goes into every pack. The overhaul also marks a key stage in its sustainability journey as it aims to save over five tonnes of plastic through a new plastic reduction programme.

The refreshed packaging, implemented across 30 UK SKUs (150 SKUs worldwide), aims to drive consumer appeal by showcasing the brand’s varying high quality ingredient credentials: real fruit juice, natural colouring and flavours, gluten, dairy and gelatine-free, as well as sugar-free and reduced sugar respectively.

Alongside the roll-out, from April 2021, Fruittella will also replace its traditional packaging material for a thinner alternative. More importantly for its loyal consumers, the move will condense pack sizes without reducing portions.

Projected to save 5.2 tonnes of plastic, occupy 22 fewer shipping containers, and reduce its CO2 output by 15 tonnes annually, the switch also adds an additional recycling symbol onto packs for clearer messaging, helping consumers understand whether local waste management facilities support the recycling of the new materials.

“We’ve refreshed our pack designs in order to drive the ‘real fruit’ heritage of our brand that we’re so proud of,” said Kate Howe, Product Manager at Fruittella. “One key difference in our new look is replacing the cubed fruit with the natural fruit images, to really show that Fruittella is, and always has been, rooted in fruit and naturalness.”

She added, “Perfetti Van Melle has a global agenda for sustainability, and this widescale reduction followed industrial packaging trials to understand whether the bag size was efficient and necessary. Environmental impact wasn’t always considered in the way it is today and while there’s always still more work to be done, we’re committed to becoming a more sustainable supplier.”