FDF launches new initiative to boost consumer intake of fibre

Photo: iStock

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has launched a new initiative, Action on Fibre, to help people boost their fibre intake.

Part of its new, annual, Celebrating Food and Nutrition Week, the initiative is supported by many of the industry body’s members and major brands and will see companies signing up to a wide range of pledges from highlighting higher fibre options on product packaging, to launching new products that are higher in fibre.

“We are delighted to launch a new industry led initiative to bridge the gap in fibre intakes. Fibre plays an essential role in the diet and currently the UK’s population, on average, do not consume enough fibre in their diets,” Kate Halliwell, the FDF’s chief scientific officer, said.

The launch follows a survey which found that only one in three (33%) respondents are aware of the recommended adult amount of 30g per day, and 70 per cent were unsure as to whether they achieve this in their diet or stated they don’t meet the daily recommendation.

This aligns with dietary survey data which shows that only 9% of adults currently meet the dietary recommendation.

“Our survey, commissioned by Censuswide, clearly highlights the need for further action to increase fibre intakes, and for greater awareness of how we can consume more fibre as well as the benefits this brings,” Halliwell said.

“It is brilliant that so many of the FDF’s members have signed up to Action on Fibre and we are excited to see their progress. The pledges themselves are broad ranging, and will help to offer consumers more convenient, diverse options to increase their intakes.”