Euros help Nisa’s Deliveroo retailers cross £100,000 in weekly sales


Nisa said its retailer partners using Deliveroo app smashed through the £100,000 sales barrier last week.

Aided by fine weather and final stages of the Euro 2020 tournament, the 96 Nisa retailers using Deliveroo saw sales comfortably reaching the six-figure mark in the run-up to the weekend.

Paul Cornell, owner of Nisa Local Chelmsford who signed up for Deliveroo before the pandemic, said: “About 10 per cent of our turnover now comes from Deliveroo and it certainly has opened up a new market to us. Our Deliveroo drivers often pass three or four larger supermarkets to get to us and without a doubt, those customers would not have come to our store, so we are able to capture them via the app.

“We set up … thinking people would mostly use us when they ran out of alcohol for example, but it has become a really strong part of our business and there are now around 600 lines across all categories available via the app.”

James Taylor, lead for delivered services at Nisa, commented: “We are working hard to support our partners and ensure they are future focused.

“The pandemic saw a huge increase in demand for delivered goods from convenience stores and at Nisa we now work with a number of delivered service companies in providing a range of solutions that best suits them and their individual store needs.”

Besides Deliveroo, Nisa’s official delivered services partners include Jisp, Snappy Shopper, and Uber Eats.