Emmi UK introduces beleaf portfolio of plant-based dairy alternatives


“beleaf” is a new brand from the Swiss based dairy Emmi – known globally for its passion and range of high quality speciality products. The plant-based category is an opportunity for Emmi to diversify and continue to provide consumers with uncompromisingly great tasting products. Through relentless innovation, Emmi have used over 20 years of experience producing plant-based alternatives to deliver a new range that places great taste as a “must-have” with a focus on clean ingredients, minimal processing and sustainable packaging.

The key drivers to purchase the plant-based category are taste, followed by variety and health, and through this new brand “beleaf”, Emmi has developed a range targeting flexitarian consumers who are simply looking for the perfect combination of “tasty” and “good for me”.

beleaf has a diverse portfolio of Oat and Almond drinks, Almond-based yogurt alternatives in big and small pots, and Almond-based Cultured Shots with live active cultures and added vitamins.

beleaf is available at Nisa, Spar, Costcutter stores and selected Wholesale retailers and will be supported with a bepoke digital marketing campaign including digital sampling.


Products and packs:

Small Pots: beleaf Berries Almond Yog 120g, beleaf Mango Passionfruit Almond Yog 120g, Beleaf Plain Almond Yog 120g

Big Pots: beleaf Mango Passionfruit, Almond Yog 350g, beleaf Plain Almond Yog 350g

Cultured Shots: beleaf Strawberry Cultured Shots 6x 65g, beleaf Plain Cultured Shots 6x 65g

Drinks: beleaf Almond Unsweetened Drink 1 litre, beleaf Oat Unsweetened Drink 1 litre