Hygiene and cleaning company Diversey has announced its new Clean and Ready Program in response to businesses reopening due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The program will launch globally (Ecolab’s initiative launches initially only in North America) across all Diversey’s sectors, designed to respond to a new era of cleanliness.

Diversey’s said their program will be available in the following industries: Hospitality, Food Service, Education, Offices – specifically targeting Building Service Contractors (BSCs) – and in Retail environments.

The cleaning company said it is a critical moment during the pandemic as several businesses face the decision whether to reopen based on financial implications, job cuts and even loss of life amongst staff.

By identifying an opportunity with amid the Covid-19 crisis, Diversey said their aim is to reassure visitors and guests, train staff and rebuild trust, by offering safer environments for all.

The CEO of Diversey, Phil Wieland states: “Post-Covid 19 companies have to respond to a new awareness of the value of clean. There is now an urgent need to convey a visible commitment to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This means satisfying raised expectations for safer and healthier hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and retail environments.

“Our new Clean and Ready Program offers a demonstrable way to drive and restore trust. It enables businesses to communicate their enhanced hygiene measures in a fast and easy way to ensure the confidence of staff, guests, visitors and students alike.”

Businesses who match Diversey’s stringent Program requirements are allowed to display the Clean and Ready Shield, indicating to their commitment to upholding the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness and disinfection.

Once enrolled as a member of the Clean and Ready Program, businesses will undergo periodic audits that deliver a thorough and all-encompassing independent.

The expert complementary services provided include state-of-the-art enhanced cleaning and disinfection solutions and protocols.

Diversey’s patented AHP technology delivers hospital-grade disinfection creating a shorter contact time and kill the virus.

Mr Wieland added: “The Diversey Shield will be a lighthouse for anyone looking for safety. Our partners will be able to provide the most sought-after user experience – which is trust and peace of mind.

“Our partners will regain business sustainability – a well-deserved return for their tireless efforts and meticulous hygiene practices – and can look forward to the opportunity to build a successful and more resilient business in these exceptionally difficult times.”

For more information, please visit: http://diversey.com