Dina Foods nominated in London Mayoral Green New Deal drive


The future is looking very green for West London-based Dina Foods. The authentic Mediterranean foods supplier has been selected to take part in London’s Better Futures+ programme, which will help it fast-track its environmental ambitions and progress towards planning for a net zero target by 2030.

Dina Foods was awarded one of only 12 places available across the food, hospitality, film and creative sectors for the new scheme, which is run by business group West London Business and funded by the London Mayor’s Green New Deal Fund. The 12 companies receive Green Innovation Vouchers worth £5000.

“Dina Foods is acutely aware of its social, environmental and corporate responsibility to be a more sustainable and greener business,” said Assistant General Manager Wilda Haddad. “That is at the forefront of our minds and is a priority in the evolution of the company. When this wonderful Better Futures+ opportunity arose, we applied immediately.”

Over recent years Dina Foods had already put in place various measures to reduce energy consumption, produce less waste and increase recycling, she says.

The Better Futures+ educational and consultancy programme will help assess what more can be done across its bakery, savoury, and confectionery business.

Better Futures+ includes a training programme with the Leonardo Centre at Imperial Business College as well as an environmental consultancy service, to help small and medium-sized enterprises to measure their carbon footprint.

Dina Foods has already been matched up to its consultants, Think Hospitality and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, who will help to look at areas where the carbon footprint can be reduced.

“We are only at the very start of an exciting journey with Better Futures+, which will equip us with the tools to assess our carbon footprint, and through the educational input and work with our consultants we will look at ways in which we can reduce it,” added Haddad.