Delphis Eco seeks retailers’ help to maintain supply of hand sanitiser

Photo: iStock

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser producer Delphis Eco has launched a recycle drive to address the global shortage of the plastic bottle closures.

The British brand said it has stocks of antibacterial hand sanitiser and soaps, but the shortage of bottle closures prevents it to supply the products to retailers.

The firm has now partnered with First Mile to offer a free RecycleBox courier collection to get back the product packaging to enable supply.

The brand urged retailers to encourage recycling of all plastic bottle closures – such as trigger sprays, hand soap pumps and flip top caps – among their customers.

Pretty much all bottle closures are now in short supply as two major manufacturing regions, China and Northern Italy, have been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This shortage is causing issues in getting anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitisers to those that need them the most,” the brand said in a statement.

UK households are being asked to collect and give a quick-rinse to all of their empty plastic personal care and cleaning closures of any size or brand, place them in an empty cardboard box and book a free collection at

First Mile will then sort and clean items before returning them to Delphis to be refilled and reused.