Cummins Allison, a Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has announced it will now offer Paypod pay stations as a part of its expansive catalogue of money-handling systems.

The brand, known as a leading innovator of currency and coin handling solutions, said that the Paypods eliminates errors and end-of-day discrepancies that can occur with handling cash by hand.

Paypod pay station is a fully integrated, automated payment acceptance solution that receives cash and coin payments from customers, counts them, and automatically dispenses the proper change.

The Paypod device also cuts transaction times, increases hygiene, and lets cashiers give more attention to customers.

“Customers will benefit substantially from Paypod pay stations,” says Andrew Crowson, Cummins Allison managing director, UK and Ireland.
“Many stores struggle with keeping their cash register money secure and accurate. This solves those problems in an easy-to-use and affordable way. It’s like having a cashier assistant take care of all the complex tasks.”

Paypod systems come in two different model series – on-counter (Hybrid) or in-counter (Embedded) – to suit each customer’s preferences.
Both series feature cash and coin recyclers, which use the same money coming in to make change, reducing how often an employee tends to the device.
Connecting with point-of-sale (POS) systems is quick and simple using small software programs that let the systems communicate. Some are read-only, meaning they are non-invasive to a POS network and need no setup in the POS system.

“It’s easy to implement a Paypod solution,” Crowson says. “The whole installation and setup process can be completed in one day or less, so the customer has less interruption to the business and can start enjoying the benefits of Paypod straightaway.”

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