BBQ to heat up this summer, says Co-op

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A report launched by Co-op today (25) has uncovered how this summer is set to be a celebration full of alfresco dining at home, as barbecues take centre stage for Brits looking to get together with friends and family.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact the UK, new research from the UK’s leading convenience retailer suggests an increase in barbecue popularity with over half of UK adults (56 per cent) more likely to have a cost-effective barbecue at home this summer rather than spending on expensive meals out at restaurants.

Sales data from the report indicates that Co-op predicts it will sell more than 22 million British sausages, 7.5 million British burgers and 6.2 million British kebabs and over the summer, with over half of UK adults (54 per cent) believing it is important to buy British products when having a barbecue.

Additionally, 15 per cent of UK adults aged 35-44 normally buy their ingredients for a barbecue 9-12 hours before firing up the coals and just over one fifth of UK adults (21 per cent) aged 35-44 normally buy their ingredients for a barbecue less than four hours before, confirming that Brits are a nation of spontaneous BBQ-ers.

Indeed, Co-op’s report has also revealed that many barbecues that take place during the summer are unplanned and impromptu, with over a third of UK adults (35 per cent) agree they would cook a last-minute barbecue for two, while an impromptu BBQ for a group is still possible with over a quarter of UK adults (28 per cent) agreeing they are happy cook alfresco last-minute for a small group (under five people).

Saturday is the day for spontaneous barbecues, for nearly half (45 per cent) of UK adults, though the younger generation (16-24) are more inclined to have a spontaneous mid-week barbecue on a Wednesday. Data from the report has shown that the average number of barbecues Brits are invited to per year is three, with residents of Greater London attending the most (four), compared to those that live in Scotland, who were likely to only attend two barbecues per year.

Nicole Tallant, Head of Co-op’s Delicious Food Team, said, “It’s no surprise that barbecues remain a firm favourite when it’s time to get together with friends and family in the warmer months and this summer, they are potentially going to play an even more important role, as the cost-of-living squeezes household budgets and going out for meals happens less.

“This year we’ve made sure that our British barbecue range is packed full of those iconic smokehouse flavours but also available at great value, including special member price offers and multibuy deals.”