Caffeine-free vitamin energy drink Mawé hits shelves


A drinks start-up has launched “Mawé”, a vitamin drink set to rival the high-caffeine-and-sugar energy drink market.

Aimed at millennial parents, gym-goers and health-conscious on-the-go workers, Mawé is a caffeine-free, low sugar alternative to quick-fix energy and soft drinks.

Boosted by B vitamins, the canned drink claims to harness the natural benefits of vitamins B5, B6 and B12 to energise and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

A 330ml can of Mawé contains 50 per cent of daily recommended doses of vitamin B5, B6 and B12.

As the energy sector reports to have grown by £99m in the last two years, disruptor brand Mawé will be going after new shoppers with a caffeine-free alternative.

Mawé also aims to tap into the growing low-sugar energy segment. At just 1.7 grams of sugar per 100ml, Mawé contains less than half the sugar of leading natural competitors per serving.

Madelaine Noble, Mawé founder said: “Our research found that 67 per cent of the consumers we surveyed were trying to limit their caffeine intake, and were craving an alternative solution to everyday fatigue.

“We also found health-conscious consumers were looking for a light lift during the day without the hidden sugar found in many leading natural brands.”

Named after the Amazon tribe who first grew it, Mawé uses guarana fruit from Brazil, fresh pear, and apple to create light, lifting refreshment. The drink contains no artificial ingredients and is vegan.

“Our canned drink has been developed for the on-the-go market, where convenient, refreshing, and lower-calorie options are in strong demand,” added Noble. “It also taps into a growing pandemic trend of younger shoppers seeking to stock up on better-for-you multi buys as they juggle family, work and exercise.”

Sold as a multi-pack, Mawé is available in packs of four 330ml cans, RRP £6.99. and is currently stocked in convenience and independents across the south of the UK.