Cadbury launches new ‘confidence-boosting’ Dairy Milk bars


As we emerge from challenging times, Cadbury Dairy Milk is on a mission to encourage shoppers to spread a little kindness with its new limited-edition chocolate gifting bars this summer.

Revamping its iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk bar packaging with uplifting quotes: “Perfect just the way you are” and “You’re all kinds of amazing”, these new bars are the “ultimate gifts to share with loved ones” this season.

“The last year and a half has a taken a huge toll on the nation’s self-confidence but, we know a simple compliment can go a long way to lift someone’s mood,” said Nancy Moore, Brand Manager for Cadbury Gifting. “These bars have been created to encourage thoughtful gestures to those you value most, and we hope these new bars will inspire friends and families to share words of kindness with one another, and what better way to do this than with a bar of the nation’s favourite chocolate bar.”

The limited-edition Dairy Milk bars will be available until the end of September with a RRP of £4.23.