Budweiser bring Ukraine’s best-loved beer brand to UK


Budweiser Brewing Group has today announced it will be launching Ukraine’s most-loved beer brand, Chernigivske, in the UK On and Off-Trade with all profits supporting Humanitarian Relief Efforts in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s most-loved beer brand, Chernigivske, will be introduced into restaurants, bars, and retailers in the UK. AB InBev is guaranteeing at least $5 million from this initiative, with all profits being distributed across designated NGOs, including Caritas International, to support humanitarian relief efforts.

Anna Rudenko, Marketing Director, Chernigivske, Ukraine, has been leading this initiative from Belgium, where she relocated with part of her family last month. “I am proud that we can launch Chernigivske in the UK to support humanitarian relief,” she said. ”Chernigivske has been enjoyed by generations of Ukrainians. As a brewer, we can use our daily interactions with consumers to bring this beer to market and enable consumers to support humanitarian relief efforts.”

Inspired by the original recipe, Chernigivske will be available for consumers in the middle of April and can be pre-ordered at https://www.beerhawk.co.uk/support-ukraine

Distribution and retail partners interested in participating in the initiative or consumers interested in learning more, please visit https://budweiserbrewinggroup.co.uk/site/contact/enquiries/