Brookfield Drinks all set for Christmas


Brookfield Drinks has unveiled its festive line-up for Christams 2020, with top-selling Portuguese beer Super Bock leading the charge.

Brookfield Drinks, the principle distributor in the UK for Super Bock, has seen substantial growth in sales this year, up 124.9 per cent for Q1 of 2020 when compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

The brand, renowned for its high quality and unique flavour, has been a major driver of sales into the world beer category, which has been growing at 14 per cent year on year.

Brookfield Drinks said the beer is guaranteed to gift retailer’s maximum sales this Christmas, as the festive season is set to see world beer sales soar.

Super Bock is available in a 4x330ml, 6x330ml and 660ml format. The perfect-for-sharing 660ml bottle has been the best-selling pack format for the brand.

Kestrel is a brand that taps into consumers’ preference for authenticity and high-quality ingredients within world beers and lager, with its Super Premium 9% variant particularly credited as the perfect beer for special occasions.

Proudly Scottish, Kestrel beers are made using a 9-stage brewing process and 7-day fermentation period (whereas most beers are only fermented for 5days) in Glasgow.

Kestrel Premium is the go-to vegan beer, with a clear vegan label on the can, increasing convenience for vegan and vegetarian shoppers and increasing sales for retailers.

“Not only are both Kestrel beers suitable for vegans, they also offer an exquisite taste experience for the consumer, which can often be lacking in free-from products,” commented Nigel McNally, managing director at Brookfield Drinks.

“Kestrel Premium 5% could be positioned within a free-from range within stores, allowing for consumers to easily grab their vegan food and alcoholic drinks together, creating the most convenient shopper experience.”

Kestrel has been experiencing huge growth this year, with 41.6 per cent growth in Q1 of 2020 vs. prior year, despite the challenges faced by the coronavirus.

The brand has recently unveiled its most recent project, ‘The Flying Kestrel’, restoring a 1935 Riley Kestrel car to compete for land-speed records.

Unveiled by Rachel Riley in August, the car represented the beginning of the bold marketing campaign Brookfield Drinks has planned for Kestrel beer, with various other exciting projects set for the coming months.

Kestrel beers are available in a 500ml can format.

Brookfield Drinks’ Diamond cider is a classic loved by loyal consumers since the 1980s.

Triple-filtered to create almost-clear liquid and crisp, refreshing taste, Diamond Cider is incredibly versatile, acting as a base for various festive cocktails, or even a less-sweet prosecco-alternative.

The cider is comparatively lower in calories, which could be a huge decision-maker for increasingly health-conscious shoppers.

The brand has had an annual sales growth of 20.3 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

Black Star and White Star ciders target the price-sensitive consumers looking for a value-for money alternative for an incredible tasting cider. When placed together on a shelf or in the fridge, this offers customers the perfect value selection.

Brookfield Drinks has stressed the need for pairing suggestions to maximise sales.

“To maximise sales during the Christmas period, retailers should consider placing suitable food options next to their drinks offering; this will appeal to consumers ‘grab and go’ mentality and will provide the ultimate convenience for the shopper,” McNally said.

“The need to provide convenience for the consumer is increasingly important now that people’s lifestyles continue to get busier; and this is more so the case around the crazy run up to Christmas.

“In terms of craft beers such as Kestrel, the perfect pairing would be items such as nuts, crisps, cheese, or ready meals such as curry. These are also hugely popular items which people will be looking to purchase around the festive season.”