Britain’s biggest convenience awards are back – online!

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Asian Trader Awards with a brand new broadcast date of 9 February 2021


Britain’s biggest awards for convenience and independent retailers are back and we are on the lookout for local store heroes.

Hosted on Tuesday 9 February 2021, the Asian Trader Awards are going online, where we will celebrate and salute store-owners who have gone above and beyond in serving their customers and communities during this historic year of pandemic disruption.

Staying open under the most difficult conditions, often lacking supplies and staff, yet serving their communities with more dedication – and innovation – than ever, the nation’s local retailers rose to the challenge and established themselves as the trusted linchpins of their neighbourhoods.

Last year we celebrated the fact that with increased banking services and post offices, food-to-go and delivery, franchises, repairs and laundry services among many others increasingly being offered, the convenience store was fast becoming the linchpin of its neighbourhood.

This year, that has only become infinitely more true, as the channel has served the country and literally kept people going under lockdown conditions.

The 31st annual Asian Trader Awards recognises the momentous events and the heroic efforts of our retailer community, its bravery, professionalism and dedication – its finest hour.

This is your time to shine! Closing date for entries – Sunday 20 December 2020

If you are a retail hero working hard to make everyday miracles happen on your street, here is your chance to share with us what you have achieved and to be rewarded with the respect and applause of your peers.

You can put yourself forward or any another retailer you know – and if you are a supplier, please nominate your favourite retailers, too! Don’t hesitate – nominate!

Our categories – see which ones suits you

Asian Trader of the Year is the most celebrated and coveted award in the independent retail sector. The winners of this award have done a huge amount over the years to raise standards and transform the fortunes of the Convenience sector. Only a retailer who goes the extra mile can take this trophy home.

Independent Retailer Award

The award for Best Independent Retailer recognises an entrepreneur who has built a successful Convenience business. Offering a wide range of products, the winner will need to be an outstanding Convenience store which has seen spectacular results in both turnover and customer numbers.

Spirit of the Community Award

The Spirit of the Community Award will reward a store which is truly at the heart of its community. The winning store will need to go beyond the call of duty to help customers and the neighbourhood.

Impulse Retailer Award

The Best Impulse Retailer Award is for a shop which is exceptionally well merchandised and ensures all its ranges are immaculately displayed for maximum impact. The winner will provide outstanding customer service, offer promotions that are well executed with strong price points and will create excellent in-store theatre.

Best Practice in social distancing/Covid preparations

This is another new and very timely award. It addresses the latest, most vital responsibility added those that store owners already have. In addition to feeding the nation, they are on the front line of keeping it safe and healthy, often at the expense of their own well-being. Effective social distancing innovation was pioneered by independent retailers in their shops, and here we recognise their inventiveness and care.

Bakery Retailer Award

The Best Bakery Retailer Award is for a store with a beguiling bakery offering. The smell of freshly baked products makes a convenience store a pleasant place to be and tempts customers into a shop. Consequently, getting the in-store bakery right can give a business a massive boost.

Food-to-Go Retailer Award

This award recognises the fast-paced nature of current developments in the Convenience sector, and identifies the innovators who have adapted best to the changing tastes and needs of their customers with delicious ready-to-eat foods and meals – as stores in the sector evolve into a multi-service community hubs.

The Next Gen Award

The pioneer generation of UK Convenience is now at or beyond retirement age, but their love of independent retail, their skill as merchandisers and their importance community figures, are often manifested in their daughters and sons who have carried on the in the trade. This award honours those who have best managed to prove that successful independent retail is indeed a family business with continuity across the generations.

Vape Convenience Retailer

This is a new award that recognises how one of the major elements of independent retail revenue – namely tobacco sales – is threatened by ever-increasing prices, regulation and restrictions. The profitable and healthier vape and heat-not-burn alternative is now being adopted by who are nimble, enterprising store-owners who are educating their customers about vaping.

Manufacturer of the Year Award

The Asian Trader Manufacturer of the Year Award reflects the esteem readers of Asian Trader magazine have for suppliers and acknowledges the contribution manufacturers have made to our readers’ sales. Readers are invited to vote for the manufacturer who has best supported their business over the last year.

Best Wholesale Depot Award

The Asian Trader Best Wholesale Depot Award rewards the wholesale depot which best meets the needs of its customers. Operating in a highly competitive market, wholesalers have to work hard and with passion to increase their turnover and customer base.

You can apply here, and entries will remain open all the way to 20 December

And remember – Don’t Hesitate – Nominate!

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