Bestway Foundation wins Asian Business Charitable Foundation Award

Haider Choudrey holding the Charitable Foundation trophy at the Asian Business Awards

Further to its 2022 Pakistan Fund Raising Appeal, which has to date has raised more than $2.5 million to help the victims of the terrible flooding in Pakistan, The Bestway Group with The Bestway Foundation was awarded the coveted Charitable Foundation of the Year  Award at this year’s Asian Business Awards last night.

The Asian Charitable Foundation Award is given to an outstanding philanthropist or charitable foundation which has had a positive and lasting impact on public good. Judges look at the generosity, social impact and strategic longevity of the charity.
Since the Bestway Foundation was established in 1987 by Sir Anwar Pervez as the charitable arm of the Bestway Group, more than $46 million has been donated to worthy causes.

As part of the initial launch to its Pakistan Fundraising Appeal 2022, the last few weeks have seen The Bestway Foundation bringing aid and relief to the victims of the unprecedented flooding to hit Pakistan – a humanitarian disaster and the worst crisis that the country has faced in living memory that has displaced more than 33 million Pakistanis from their homes.

The floods had left one in seven people living without food and shelter and a third of the country is underwater. Disease had become rife, and the humanitarian crisis is set to get worse as the country looks to rebuild infrastructure and livelihoods that had been destroyed.

Under the umbrella of Bestway Foundation’s Hum Sahara Programme 13,000 ration bags comprising of dry food items; blankets; mosquito nets and water filtration units have been distributed in the worst affected areas of Southern Punjab, Baluchistan, and Sindh; with a further 7,000 ration bags being distributed by 20th December 2022.

Thus, fulfilling Lord Choudrey’s commitment to provide usable and clean water for more than 100,000 individuals and providing food and medical supplies to 20,000 families made at the September fundraiser.

In respect of building homes and shelters for 5,000 families the process has started – the temporary shelters and tents are being distributed with building materials being ordered so that reconstruction of homes can begin in earnest in the coming weeks.

This month saw The Bestway Foundation join hands with Virgin Atlantic to fly out more than 20 tonnes of vital medicines, donated by Well Pharmacy, to Pakistan.

“We are very honoured to win this award as we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Pakistan through this terrible crisis,” said Bestway Group’s Chief Financial Officer and Trustee of The Bestway Foundation, The Honourable Haider Choudrey. “It’s not just about the short-term relief, we are at the forefront of providing sustainable support to help Pakistan rebuild its infrastructure and livelihoods which have all been destroyed.

“Our founder Sir Anwar Pervez deeply cares about the plight of the people of Pakistan and will do whatever we can to help.

“Additionally, under the stewardship of Lord Choudrey we are proud of the incredible work that The Bestway Group undertakes and the impact it has had on literally thousands of people since its inception.

“We truly believe that The Bestway Foundation is unique in its work, the extent and reach of its focus and commitment to social responsibility and are very proud to have been placed at the top of the Asian’ philanthropic community with judges citing the long-lasting and far-reaching impacts that it continues to achieve.”