Best 6 Tips for Writing Academic Paper


Many students find it tough to write a good academic paper as they do not possess good writing skills. Moreover, they fail to understand the assignment’s instructions which result in low grades for the students. Preference of most students is to hire a writer from a company like college essay writing service.


Have you wondered how to write an effective essay? The starting point is to read the assignments instructions and prompts multiple times. It will help you to get a general idea about the topic. The good practice before you start to write a paper is to conduct thorough research. Identify the best research journals and articles that are relevant to your topic. The college library, scholarly journals like JSTOR and scholarly presses can help you to find the data. The primary source for you to search for information is the institute’s digital library.

Gather Sources

Students enjoy ordering resumes from Resumethatworks. If you have a proper plan and you research your topic well, you can produce a quality paper on any topic. Check the sources which you have gathered. Besides, also look at the secondary sources. The academic writing and the final paper you produce is a product of multiple sources. At the end of each source article, you will find a bibliography and similar helpful research papers. Check the authority of the journal which you will cite in the paper. Use the latest research papers published within the last five years. Please pay special attention to the sources you include in your paper and check its authenticity. Look at the general consistency present in the paper. Go deep into the topic and explore different angles related to the topic. Try to include unique ideas in the paper. Always ensure that your research is based on proven statistics and facts. Use the verified source as it is vital for validating your research. The online sources like Microsoft Academic, Google Scholar or Google Books will provide you with relevant and most important information related to your topic. You will find books, journals, scientific articles and other types of research material from these sources. Enter relevant keywords in the search bar to come up with the most relevant and latest research papers. Carefully go through the gathered information from research papers and other sources. Take notes and write down the most relevant points. You should make sure that all the information is relevant to the topic. Bookmark all the essential research papers and books. Double-check the authenticity of all of your academic research sources and online database.

Create an Outline and Rough Draft

Create an outline based on the research you conducted online is one of the best essay writing tips given to students. Writing your important points is helpful for students. They understand how to approach the assignment most appropriately. Write the important points first on a piece of paper. It will help you to divide your topic into multiple sections and sub-sections. An outline will help you to present your ideas logically and concisely throughout your paper. The students who follow a pattern, diagram or outline have clarity in their paper. It will help the examiner to evaluate your writing holistically. You can create either an informal or formal outline. With the help of a rough plan, get the most relevant information from online academic sources. A research paper, book, or case study will form the basis of your arguments. Include authentic information collected from different sources in the paper. It will provide more weight to your essay and make your content appealing to the audiences.

Dive into Archives

The primary sources which you collect are the key to your paper. From archives, you can find incredible firsthand sources of research work, primary documents and special collections. Check your college’s resources to see if they have some special collection that is most relevant to your topic. Consult the research librarian of your college to find more data and information. Get some familiarity with the ethical issues that are present in the archival research. If you are a student and looking for assignment help, a viable option is to take the services of a top writer where you can pay for essays. An expert writer will prepare the paper for you and ensure that you get high grades in the college coursework. It will save you precious time and allow you to focus on your studies. You can contact the customer service personnel of the service provider at any time of the day. It will help you in getting your issue resolved quickly. Moreover, you can ask for unlimited revisions from the writer if you do not feel satisfied with the quality of the content.

Develop a Thesis Statement and Defend It

One of the best writing essay tips is to develop a strong thesis statement. Take a clear stance and provide relevant arguments to support it. The student needs to understand that the research paper is not a summary or a book report of the research topic. You provide arguments in your paper.  You can write an argument in favour of the topic or against it. Make the thesis statement most prominent within the introduction section. Place it at the end of your introductory paragraph. It helps the readers to understand the arguments you will present in the rest of your paper. Write a thesis statement in a couple of sentences. It will describe your subject and stance related to the topic.

Use Simple Language

Try to use simple language and words which is easy for the examiner to understand. Even if you know that the examiner has strong command on the language, it is not a good practice to use complex words. The academic writing is all about concision, clarity and structuring your content logically. Present your ideas and thoughts in a way which is easy for the reader to comprehend. The originality and clear interpretation of the topic are vital for producing a quality academic paper. Present your ideas logically and clearly. It will create a good impression on the reader. A clear and plain language is easy for the audience to understand and read. Wherever it is possible always prefer using simple words over complex words. Writing short sentences and paragraphs shows a clear structure and hierarchy of your content.


To write a quality academic paper is a challenge for many college students. Following the tips outlined here can help you to organize your thoughts logically. You need to stay on the topic and present your arguments in a simple and easy language.