Amazon plans to open 260 cashless stores in UK in next three years

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Amazon is planning 260 “cashless” supermarkets across the UK in the next three years, stated recent reports.

The retail giant is said to be planning the rapid rollout over the next three years, with no tills and no cash accepted.

There are currently six Amazon Fresh grocery stores in the UK, with first opened in March this year in Ealing, West London, where  shoppers scan a quick response code as they enter the shop then put items in their bag. Cameras and sensors then detect what they have picked and shoppers walk out with their purchases, which are then charged to their account.

Customers use the Amazon app to enter and put their phone away and shop for what they need. At the end of their visit, they can head for the exit, with no need to stand in a queue or check out. 

Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology removes the need for cashiers and claim to significantly increases the speed at which customers can shop and exit the store. 

A report by website Business Insiders claims documents show Amazon is looking to open another 60 stores next year, 100 in 2023 and 100 more in 2024. The report also claims the retail player is looking to open supermarkets in Germany, Spain and Italy next year.

“In 2022, we assume a broader roll-out of two store launches per week by the end of [the] year, targeting 60 total openings,” the document said, as per the report. 

“In 2023 and 2024, we are planning 100 store launches per year, in line with more aggressive opening programmes achieved by convenience stores in the UK in the last five years, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Co-op have all exceeded 100 openings per year.”

Amazon is also said to be gearing up to launch an Amazon Fresh checkout-free location in Chingford, London though there is no news yet on the exact launch date.