Add a touch of magic to laundry day with Dr. Beckmann


Brits have fallen under the spell of cleaning and laundry expert Dr. Beckmann’s new Magic Leaves Laundry Detergent Sheets, with sales on the new product more than doubling MoM.

Cleaning and laundry expert, Dr. Beckmann, has seen a staggering 139 per cent increase in sales for Magic Leaves  following the launch of the product’s TV advert debut, which aired on 6 February across 19 TV stations.

It’s the brand’s biggest TV spend to date – and it’s paid off, with shoppers catching onto the innovative new way to wash clothes.

Dr. Beckmann’s Magic Leaves Laundry Detergent Sheets originally launched in summer 2022, as an alternative to liquids, powders, and tabs and it set out to change the laundry landscape forever.

The product became a new, smarter, eco-friendly way to wash clothes, with the sheets specifically designed to fully dissolve in 60 seconds in temperatures as low as 20 °C – resulting in no left-over sticky residue commonly found with tabs.

Available in both bio and non-bio variants, each has its own long-lasting scent, either “fresh blossom” or “spring fresh”, leaving the nation’s clothes smelling clean and fresh all day long.

Due to the sheet form, they are light and compact making them easy to store.  Using 80 per cent less packaging than bottled detergents, they’re vegan and biodegradable, as well as a Carbon Neutral product – so, perfect for those eco-conscious shoppers.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented demand for our revolutionary Magic Leaves Laundry Detergent Sheets this past month,” said Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Chloe Baker. “We were so excited to enter the laundry detergent market for the first time last year, especially with this new innovative product. It’s fantastic to see the nation embracing this new format as it creates a much easier and effortless way to wash.

“Given the changing consumer climate of the past few years, shoppers are looking for that smarter, easier, and more eco-conscious ways to wash their clothes, without a fear of hiking up their energy bill, and it’s clear Magic Leaves ticks all these boxes. We can’t wait to see how this product changes the UK’s laundry habits forever!”

Dr. Beckmann’s Magic Leaves Bio and Non-Bio is available at a wide range of retailers and from Dr. Beckmann’s website.