ACS welcomes Welsh Minister’s letter for better Covid-19 police enforcement


The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has welcomed a letter from Welsh Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths, calling on chief constables across to ensure support for the 3,000 convenience stores in Wales when dealing with coronavirus restrictions.

In the letter, Mr Griffiths highlights the ‘significant escalation’ in abuse experienced by all kinds of retailers, including both large supermarkets and small convenience stores, during the pandemic.

Common triggers for abuse from customers include those unwilling to follow social distancing and face covering requirements.

In some areas, the states that the police had not responded to over 20% of incidents of abuse, leading to retailers feeling as though there was not adequate support from local forces.

There were also concerns raised about the role of retailers in enforcing regulations – the Minister reinforces in the letter that retailers “should not be expected to challenge customers and enforce the regulations, and to attempt to do so would risk the health and safety of their staff”.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We welcome this important intervention from the Minister, which confirms that retailers should not be expected to challenge those customers who are unwilling to follow the social distancing measures or face covering regulations.

“While the vast majority of customers have been incredibly supportive of their local shops during this time, there are some who are being abusive and violent to colleagues.

“These incidents should always be reported, and retailers should have confidence that the police will deal with offenders appropriately.”

Figures from ACS’ Covid Impact Survey show that 40% of retailers experienced an increase in violence and abuse during lockdown.

ACS is working with the Home Office on a campaign to ensure that all incidents of violence and abuse are reported to police, and to enforce the message that abuse is not part of the job for colleagues and retailers.