Accolade Wines launches new POS platform: Accolade Advantage


Accolade Wines has launched Accolade Advantage, a POS platform designed specifically to help independent retailers capitalise on impulse wine purchases, as well as provide category insights and updates on new lines.

The new site will offer free POS to retailers, initially highlighting best-selling hero SKUs across Hardys VR, Jam Shed and Echo Falls. Wine is a highly impulsive buying decision, with only 13 per cent of shoppers deciding exactly what wine to buy before entering the store, whilst 28 per cent of purchasers had never even intended to buy wine.

Accolade Advantage offers a fast and easy way for independent stores to drive visibility of wine at point or purchase, whilst also helping to educate customers about wines so they can make an informed decision based on their tastes. Retailers can access the platform online

POS kits for Jam Shed, Echo Falls and Hardys VR will be available to order free-of-charge upon sign-up. Shipped directly to the chosen store within 30 days of ordering, the packs will include wobblers, posters and shelf tags, and the Accolade Wines sales team are on hand to speak with retailers to help them use the kits effectively. Those that opt to sign up will also get email updates on new product releases and current wine trends.

Still wine is worth £1.4 billion within the traditional convenience channel, with Hardys the number one brand and Echo Falls a top ten performer. Jam Shed is the fastest growing brand in the impulse channel, growing 76 per cent year on year.

“We know wine is an impulse decision for many consumers, so there is a big opportunity for independent retailers to increase the chances of purchase in-store with eye-catching POS, which calls out big brands and adds excitement and theatre to their wine offering,” said Tom Smith, Marketing Director – Europe. “Branded posters can help to engage potential customers from outside before they’ve even set foot in the store, whilst easily accessible wine knowledge means retailers can make confident recommendations to their customers.

“By offering POS and advice through Accolade Advantage, we believe this will drive the overall success of the wine category, as it will improve the wine shopping experience, thus increasing the likelihood of return visits and basket spend. We’re initially focussing on some of our best-selling products in the convenience channel, but we have plans to expand across the wider Accolade Wines portfolio and add further beneficial resources in the months ahead.”


Retailers can sign up to Accolade Advantage now to request their free POS