7up switches from green to clear plastic in recycling push


Leading lemon and lime drink 7up is set to switch from green to clear plastic to drive up recycling rates.

Britvic, who manufactures the drink in the UK on behalf of PepsiCo, said the bottles would be the greenest yet for the brand as 40 per cent of consumers are more likely to recycle clear bottles over coloured bottles.

The new bottles will also display a clear sustainability message, helping consumers to recycle correctly and with confidence.

Clear bottles are easier to sort during the recycling process – meaning the new clear 7UP bottle is more likely to be recycled into another bottle – while darker plastics, which are more difficult to sort, may end up being recycled into other items such as clothing, playground equipment or garden furniture.

Britvic noted that the increased likelihood of bottles being recycled into bottles will help make any future Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) even more efficient in bringing about a circular economy.

“As we mark another milestone in our sustainability journey, it is amazing to see our brands working towards creating a better tomorrow,” commented Sarah Webster, director of sustainable business at Britvic.

“Healthier People, Healthier Planet is at the core of our business and 7up’s clear bottle launch is a fantastic way to encourage and support our consumers to confidently recycle more. Our goal is to encourage recycling and create a circular economy where great packaging never becomes waste.”

In 2020, Britvic and PepsiCo committed to 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles by the end of 2022 for 7up and all their brands made and sold in Great Britain. Fruit Shoot Hydro in Great Britain and Ballygowan Mineral Water in Ireland have already switched to 100% rPET bottles, saving more than 1,900 tonnes of virgin plastic every year.