Home News Molson Coors to drop ‘Light’ from Coors brand in 2021

    Molson Coors to drop ‘Light’ from Coors brand in 2021

    Molson Coors to drop ‘Light’ from Coors brand in 2021
    Coors new packaging, logo and product will be unveiled in March 2021

    Molson Coors Beverage Company is rebranding Coors Light to Coors from March 2021, as part of a multimillion-pound marketing campaign in the UK.

    The company says the move intends to drive ongoing growth in the premium 4% beer category, strengthening the brand’s position in the premium segment of the market.

    The change – which will also be supported by new packaging and point-of-sale material – builds on its “Keep it Fresh” campaign, underlining the brand’s Rocky Mountain heritage and its so-called ‘cold, refreshing taste’.

    As part of its new identity, next year will see a new logo and the launch of a new Coors product from the US, with the introduction of Coors Original with the intention to ‘move beyond beer’.

    “Coors has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming the leader of the premium 4% beer category, known for being a great tasting beer that always delivers on refreshment,” said Sophie Jamieson, marketing controller for the Coors family of brands at Molson Coors.

    She added: “Having reflected on the unique strengths of the brand we saw an opportunity to maximise its potential. Our testing has shown that consumers love the new branding, finding it more distinctive and appealing, and by changing to simply ‘Coors’ we can build further momentum in the premium 4% beer category, while continuing to champion our refreshing great taste which is a clear point of difference for consumers.

    “It also gives us the opportunity to introduce some incredibly exciting new products from the Coors family, starting with Coors Original later in the year.

    Our ambition is not only to propel Coors into the UK’s top five beers, which is why we’ve put significant spend behind the brand, but also to continue to scale our presence and expand our portfolio throughout what looks to be a very exciting year in 2021.”