Zinda Foods launches wraps range with first-to-market base 

Zinda Foods launches wraps range with first-to-market base

Food-to-go manufacturer Zinda Foods is launching its ready-to-eat wraps, made with the unique and differentiated AirWraps as a base, instead of the ubiquitous tortilla.

The range includes age-old recipes and bold vibrant flavours developed in collaboration with Michelin starred chef, Alfred Prasad.

The AirWrap, Zinda’s exclusive, first-to-market wrap base, is handcrafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no palm oil with a texture thinner, lighter and softer than the traditional wraps found on UK supermarket shelves. It also contains less fat and salt.

“The prospect of working with the AirWrap is exciting as the wrap itself is so unique compared to the generic, commercial wrap bases available, which gave me a lot to play around with,” said Alfred Prassad.

“You can hardly taste the wrap, so it is really all about the filling and flavours. I have enjoyed re-inventing our Indian classics such as the Makhni and Akuri and presenting them in a healthier, wholesome and delicious way.”

The initial core range will include:

  • Classic Chicken Caesar AirWrap– tender chicken tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing with black olives, Parmesan flakes, bell peppers, lemon zest and crisp spinach
  • Mediterranean Feta Cheese AirWrap– Greek Feta cheese tossed with bell peppers, olives, onions, apricots, zest of lemon & mint and crisp spinach
  • Moroccan Chicken AirWrap– succulent chicken, chickpeas and raisins tossed in a classic aromatic Tagine sauce with warming spices of nutmeg & cinnamon and crisp spinach.

Other seasonal flavours will follow in February, the first of which is the Chicken Makhni Airwrap.

  • Egg Akuri AirWrap– flavour packed, Parsi (Indo-Persian) eggs with a classic Akuri sauce – tomato, onion, ginger balanced with the earthy goodness of turmeric and fresh coriander
  • Spicy Tuna Slaw AirWrap– mildly spicy Tuna with bell peppers, onions, lemon & mint mixed with smokey chipotle mayo and shredded cabbage & carrots
  • Mexican Molé Pulled Pork AirWrap– pulled pork in a delicious smokey chipotle Mexican Molé sauce with fresh crunchy shredded cabbage & carrots
  • Chicken Makhni AirWrap– tender chicken in a mildly spiced butter chicken sauce with fresh crunchy shredded cabbage and carrots

The range boasts no red traffic lights with each AirWrap achieving optimal energy balance – low calorie, high protein with one or more of your five a day.

Anishya Kumar, founder of Zinda Foods, said: “We are more than just a logo, our aim was to put a face behind a largely faceless category where products have become bland, boring & functional”.

“Zinda was born out of a desire to break the glass ceiling that was set for the food-to-go industry by creating products that were delicious, natural, healthy, filling and most of all affordable!”