Varta introduces Recycled battery in new range

varta batteries

Varta has launched an environmentally focused battery range, with three specialised lines, ENDLESS, POWER and RECYCLED.

All three are rechargeable and display a range of high-end environmentally friendly features.

The range is available in both AA and AAA, offering one of the highest recharge cycles – up to 3,500 charges. The lines recharge in just five hours and do not lose charge when not in use – with up to 75 percent of their power remaining after 12 months.

The most innovative line that Varta has introduced is its RECYCLED line. Made of 11 percent recycled materials and packaged in 90 percent recycled materials, it is ideal for any consumers that demand sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

Clare Rix, trade marketing manager at Varta, said: “Varta has been offering consumers the chance to reduce their impact on the environment with rechargeable batteries for many years, but this exciting new range takes this one step further.

“Recycled batteries are an exciting addition to our product offering and deliver convenience, power and a reduction in waste to tick all consumers’ boxes. We’re proud to offer consumers such a range of choice, not just in the most sought after battery sizes and capacities but now in terms of material source.”

The launch of new range follows Varta achieving a Which? Best Buy endorsement for its LongLife Power Disposable AA batteries. The consumer organisation commended Varta’s batteries for both their impressive performance and competitive pricing, after testing them against other leading battery brands.

The Varta LongLife Power AA batteries were deemed to be ‘amongst the best alkaline batteries, achieving consistently high scores across the low, medium and high drain tests’. Which? also stated that Varta’s offering performed just as well as that of its competitors, at a lower cost of just £3.50 per pack.